The sighting of a man or woman who has fashioned a goat costume and taken to the mountain to be among the wild goats of northern Utah has prompted the awe and adoration of at least one wildlife activist known to readers of The Wildlife News.

‘Goat man’ seen among wild goats in northern Utah – Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY — A man spotted dressed in a goat suit among a herd of wild goats in the mountains of northern Utah has wildlife officials worried he could be in danger as hunting season approaches.

“I don’t know what he’s doing out there,” said Kenneth Cole, longtime contributor toThe Wildlife News, “Maybe it’s a hunter who decided to put on a mountain goat suit to see whether it worked to scout the next hunt.  Maybe his wife left him and he’s just had enough, he wants to be as the mountain goats are, wild and free.  We just don’t know.”

Commenting on how the mountain goats may react to a wanna-be goat in their midst:

“They may get agitated. They’re territorial. They are, after all, wild animals,” [Douglass] said. “This person puts on a goat suit, he changes the game.”

Game-changer indeed.  No one knows the motives of the Goat Man as of yet, but I suspect that this may be an attempt to foster awareness of the fundamentally unsustainable course charted by western civilization.  This person has, in effect, engaged in a deep ecological critique actively rejecting  hyper-consumptive culture and may very well be on his/her way to actualizing a spiritual awakening the likes of which the rest of us could only peripherally comprehend.