Predator Derbies

Predator Derbies

WildLands Defense and Allies Confront Salmon, Idaho Coyote/Wolf Derby 2.0

Environmentalists Couldn’t Stop the Slaughter at Idaho’s Annual Coyote and Wolf Derby VICE Magazine

Wolf Coyote Derby

Derby Participants pitch dead coyotes like bags of garbage into truck. Photo: Brian Ertz, WLD

“The objective,” said Ertz, “is to be very much in their face, to let them know we’re out here on patrol, looking for violations of federal law. We want to project the image that we could be anywhere, everywhere.”

A related objective was to stand in open defiance of what Ertz described as “a culture of death.” …

Natalie [Ertz, WLD Executive Director) howled three times like a wolf and smiled…

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[In Solidarity] Environmentalists Watchdog Idaho ‘Wolf Derby’ Boise Weekly

“Our bearing witness and documenting apparently had a significant impact,” said Stephany Seay, media coordinator for Buffalo Field Campaign. “We shamed them into hiding what they had professed to be so proud of.”

Read the article in Boise Weekly


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March 13, 2015

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