The occupation of Malheur Refuge in Harney County by Ammon Bundy and militia elements is an assault on the entire body of western public lands, and the biological richness, inspiration and natural splendor they provide for us all.
Life-giving Malheur Refuge waters originate in Steens Mountain, a magnificent fault block range. Snowy egrets, white-faced ibis, black terns, marsh wrens, and many species of waterfowl all rely on these flows.
15 years ago, this region was proposed as a National Monument. But the local cattlemen wailed against government-over-reach. A compromise deal was cut to placate them, and a weaker National Conservation Area proposal, and Wilderness designation in some areas, was developed. Cattle interests have relentlessly tried to chip away at the weak NCA protections.
The public must speak up and defend these great places from what is certain to be a new assault by politicians given a new excuse for a Land Grab by the hostility towards public lands that Bundy embodies.

An immediate action: Congressman Raul Grijalva has introduced a Resolution in Congress calling for an end to the Malheur Occupation.

Call and write your Congressman today, and ask him/her to support:
H.Res. 575: Expressing disapproval of the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by a group of armed individuals.