WLD has been working non-stop in actions to protect redband trout habitat.

The Dry Creek watershed in the Boise Foothills is home to a genetically pure strain of redband trout. The upper portions of the Dry Creek watershed are grazed in spring, during redband trout spawning season when livestock can trample and destroy redds (egg masses) in the stream. The upper watershed area has a complex land ownership mix of public, state and private lands.

Lower areas of Dry Creek are threatened by a sprawling new housing development that will be larger than 85% of the towns in Idaho. WLD is working with the Dry Creek Coalition to prevent full-scale development impacts to vital riparian and upland habitats.

“Dry Creek provides vital riparian habitat for native raptors and
migratory songbirds, a safe haven for wintering deer and elk and other
wildlife, and a dispersal corridor for many terrestrial species.
Genetically pure redband trout inhabit the watershed, which can
provide a showcase for population recovery. The existing mitigation
plan is wholly unresponsive to the unique wildlife values present in
Dry Creek Valley. Promising an amount of money to be spent off-site,
and out-of county, is insufficient remedy for the vibrant suite of
wildlife values unique to Dry Creek that will be lost to Ada County
residents if this development is allowed to proceed as proposed.”