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Michael Vermeys, Assistant Field Manager, Renewable Resources, Mount Lewis Field Office

Mike Neff and J. Gant Massey, Ph.D., Environmental Protection Specialists, Minerals, Mount Lewis Field Office

October 2, 2015

Cattle observed during 3809 (Minerals Inspection) driving tour of northwest Mount Lewis Field Office

On September 28, 2015, Mike Neff and Gant Massey, Ecological Protection Specialists, Minerals, Mount Lewis Field Office, made a driving tour of mining areas around the northeastern quadrant of the Mount Lewis Field Office. During that tour, these specialists observed approximately 400 head of cattle across the Argenta Grazing Allotment (Figure 1). Cattle were primarily clustered around water sources (both natural and hauled) on unfenced, intermingled public and private lands. Areas of cattle concentration (approximate numbers) are presented in Table 1, documentation as noted.

Read the full document and see photo’s of the livestock degraded allotment: