From: Katie Fite
Subject: Lower Elkhorn creek in donkey hills ACEC
Date: September 10, 2016 at 1:12:45 PM MDT


Dear BLM


Here are conditions WildLands Defense observed on lower Elkhorn Creek in the Donkey Hills.


You may recall that on a tour with the BLM State Office riparian, sage-grouse and other specialists 3 or 4 years ago we visited the Donkey Hills.


Shockingly — conditions seem to have gotten even worse. Thousands of cows appear to have been unleashed all summer long. Hundreds remain. Pines Elkhorn allotment Elkhorn Creek.


Please immediately provide us with the 2016 AGP and all monitoring and compliance data.


Please also forward to the State Office riparian staff who were present on that trip. I do not have their emails.


This demonstrates the continuing abject failure of Challis BLM to manage sage-grouse, Pygmy rabbit, and big game habitats. It appears the ranchers run the office and do whatever they want.


It demonstrates the Idaho BLM sage grouse plan is an abysmal failure as well.


It also demonstrates that the massive proposed sage destruction project is a smokescreen and a desperate attempt by BLM to try to eke out more AUMs in landscape that cattle are destroying.


Katie Fite